Why do we exist?

Collabo Lab was inspired by the challenges that creatives and other design entrepreneurs experience to source other professionals to collaborate with in the various specialist fields to move their businesses to the next level.

Its aim is to seek opportunities and provide a platform to collaborate with creatives in

  • pioneering creativity and innovation
  • establishing and growing businesses,
  • growing individually as leaders and game changers

in order to develop the future leaders and foster entrepreneurship in the country.

The target supplier is the young and old entrepreneur and professional, designer and artist who does not have access to the mainstream platforms that are currently in the market.

Our objectives are to:

  • Assist entrepreneurs and creatives in developing themselves, building resilience and turning business ideas into thriving reality of innovative products and services.
  • Provide a collaboration platform for professionals in various fields thus creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that source business services within and share expertise among one another.
  • Assist artists to establish a market for their wares.

Our vision is to protect and preserve the African legacy for future generations.

Our offering

We provide creatives, entrepreneurs, patrons and nearby residents with:

  • An Innovation Hub comprising a shared work-space, design studios and business meeting facilities with administrative services for subscribed members.
  • A meeting place for casual catch-up and special celebration settings with friends and loved ones.
  • A comfortable restaurant that provides healthy sit-in or takeaway food at reasonable prices.
  • A retail space that encourages innovation, collaboration and growth among various professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and designers.

Keys to Success – Our Values

 We believe that our values are the fundamental success factors that guide our behaviour and decision-making in how we fulfill our vision and mission:

  • Honesty and openness is our tool.
  • Respect is our currency.
  • Ubuntu is our way.
  • Passion is our fuel.
  • Innovation is our engine.
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